Our History

  • 2002

The year the company was born. Thanks to the launch of the web-site and due to successful marketing policy we got first customers in software development.


  • 2003

Collaborating with MESH Computers, a company from Great Britain. It started with creation of a simple online store, but quickly grew into a long-term partnership while developing a full-fledged ERP system covering each and every requirement inside this enterprise.


  • 2004

We signed the first contract with the SviluppoImpresa/Artensys company which opened to us the Italian software market for governmental organizations.


  • 2005

Opening a representative office in USA. Also, we created an internal product named RAD Framework which drastically improved effectiveness of our software developers.


  • 2006

One of the hugest international companies trusted us with participation in medical system development which is currently used in thousands hospitals around the globe.


  • 2007-2009

Developing our own software product – a CRM system for finance and asset management. Appended the Silverlight frontend to our RAD Framework toolkit, and made a derived sample application named Issue Tracker publicly available. Further company active development.


  • 2010

Extending geography of our customers. Working with a company from Kuwait: we are developing document and workflow systems for governmental organizations in several Arabian countries.


  • 2010-2012

Development of CRM version for Healthcare Management.


  • 2012-2015

Continuous growth of the company in size and client base.