CRM solutions

FulcrumWeb’s CRM products for Healthcare and Asset Management vertical markets leverage power of our CRM platform and RAD Framework and apply 21st century global, secure, real-time, low TCO thinking to productivity software.

Why companies need a CRM?

It all started with a question: what is a CRM in the current high pressure competitive environment, and what will make a business owner feel good about spending money and precious time of his own and his employees on procuring, implementing, learning and supporting yet another computer program?

The short answer is a productivity tool that is always there, and ready to immediately help every team member, from CEO to office manager to field salesperson to compliance officer to support specialist do her job in most efficient manner possible. Read more…

Choosing the Right CRM

Assuming the management understands that Microsoft Office however powerful it might be is not enough to stay competitive, and while Google Apps do offer a ton of features, they begin to stretch thin when a number of employees surpasses five, and new regulations demand more stringent compliance… How to swim in the vast ocean of CRM vendors and not get pulled to the open waters by fata morgana of a promise of an ideal program?

Begin by analyzing your business’ needs, which teams will be using the system and for what tasks, what your budget and human capital ready to support the system, and which minimum requirements are non-negotiable. Read more…

CRM Platform

With the realization that no one solution fits all, we have endeavored to implement a core set of CRM functions that can be used ‘as is’ or seamlessly extended to better fit any particular vertical market. This project received a name “Evora CRM Platform”.

The platform is a CRM application in and of itself, but with conceptual design made for easy extendibility to specific industries such as Hospitality, Legal, Healthcare, Accounting, Asset Management, etc.

Evora CRM Platform

As a CRM application, Evora CRM Platform is generic enough for any small or medium business to be able to install and begin immediately using it, with familiar UI resembling Microsoft Outlook and universal concepts of Dashboard, Clients, Prospects, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Calendar, Emails, Document Library, etc.

At the same time a designated application administrator without any special technical skills can adjust system’s Data Definition, UI and behavior to fine tune it to this company’s specific needs, and any user can personalize system’s presentation to match her individual style and preferences.

The result is an intuitive and powerful solution which empowers each employee individually, each team and the entire organization to be productive, stay connected with each other and customers, easily retrieve, slice and dice information to make smart decisions, reduce administrative cost, and ultimately help the business stay successful and grow.

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Each industry is different, and within its industry every company has its unique ways of doing business and servicing its clients. Since not all possible system requirements allow for higher abstraction, as one would expect there are limits to tuning of an out-of-box product. For such cases the CRM Platform allows organically extending its functionality by adding industry-specific or company-specific modules or set of behaviors.

By extending the platform, we have implemented CRM solutions for Healthcare Management and Asset Management Industries.

Medicom (Healthcare Management)

MediCOM is a CRM software system for Healthcare Management. The system is customized for work-related healthcare evaluators, which adds specific conditions and regulatory constraints to standard requirements of general practitioners and hospitals.

Workflow templates for patient evaluation based on occupational risks and medical protocols allow physicians to produce and electronically submit patient’s comprehensive assessment, structured in accordance with government laws.

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[wpus_box color=yellow]Technologies used: WinForms.NET, web-services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, Click Once, DevExpress components[/wpus_box]

Evora AM (Asset Management)

Asset Management industry demands from a CRM tool a number of particular features and functions, which makes generic CRM software poorly suited for this business domain. Such requirements include industry-specific entities (e.g. Fund, Fund of Funds, Investment Account, Security, Transaction, Liquidity, Capital Call, etc.); special fields for Investment related information such as performance, benchmark, guidelines, etc.; stringent regulatory compliance; powerful personalized reporting and mailing systems; integration with 3rd party tools. Evora AM – CRM product for the Investment community – has all that, while keeping user experience effortless, intuitive, productive.
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[wpus_box color=yellow]Technologies used: WinForms.NET, web-services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, Click Once, DevExpress components[/wpus_box]