ECM and Workflow

IBM FileNet P8 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 are among leading ECM / Workflow platforms used in large organizations. We have developed applications for both servers, and a custom Web-based EDM for government.

While working on Arabic (RTL) and Italian versions of the products, we not only provided expertise in Content Management, but also assisted clients in fune-tuning their business vision and application requirements.

Customizing MS SharePoint 2010 and IBM FileNet P8

For one of our clients we developed applications to allow browsing the contents of SharePoint Server 2010 and IBM FileNet P8.

The resulting programs cover standard functionality of default content browsers for each platform, and additionally provide a large number of custom extensions and improvements that help users utilize full power of the ECM servers with intuitive and elegant UI/UX.

You can learn more details about each of the projects below.

WorkplaceRia (IBM FileNet P8 client)

The task we were confronted was to create a convenient tool to work with a remote IBM FileNet P8 server, to provide every single main function to work with documents and workflows upon this platform, and also to extend the basic functionality with some additional features specific for our customer. Another anticipated feature of the application is full support for Arabic interface language and its complete right-to-left (RTL) re-orientation.

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[wpus_box color=yellow]Technologies used: Microsoft Silverlight, WCF, IBM FileNet P8 server[/wpus_box]

RiaPoint (Microsoft Sharepoint client)

We have set us about to work on the project to create a universal solution for Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010, supplemented with unique functions and features regarding customization of the User Interface, and the complete support for Arabic language and right-to-left (RTL) orientation (along with left-to-right for other languages).

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[wpus_box color=yellow]Technologies used: Microsoft Silverlight, WCF, Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010[/wpus_box]

Building a large scale EDM from scratch

We delivered a highly scalable custom web-based solution for Electronic Document Management and Protocol Registrations for e-govenments and large businesses.

The solution was built from scratch, to satisfy very strict functional requirements and regulatory restrictions. The final product passed the compliance and security inspection and has been succesfully used by a number of regional govenment institutions for a number of years.

Custom EDM for governments

WFMS is a web-based ECM program which conforms to government standards for document management systems in state institutions.

It is developed for large businesses and state or regional government institutions. A highly scalable system, it consists of a web application, a number of web services and a few Windows GUI applications.

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[wpus_box color=yellow]Technologies used: ASP.NET, XML web-services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008[/wpus_box]